Web / Software / Mobile App Development

Yovid set up as a platform for creating customised and professional Videos for Social Media within minutes with no experience or video editing skills required, at all.


We were tasked with creating a new and clean web application that would allow visitors to create customised and professional videos with their own text and imagery, and then automatically render, and supply the video to the customer in an automated process to be shared on Social Media.

The requirements are fairly simple but we immediately understood that the implementation of them would be a challenge to deliver in a fashion that would be scalable and robust for many users.


To overcome the challenges we came up with a 3 tier approach. The tiers involved an ASP.NET MVC Website for the front-end website and video personalisation system, an NET Web API platform for handling the intermediary and notification requirements, and a back-end .NET Server Application that took requests to render videos, and passed them out to an Adobe After Effects Render Farm.

We then configured for Yovid a scalable server farm solution that allowed them to install multiple versions of the back-end rendering system whilst having the front-end remain responsive and up-to-date.

Key Features

Video Rendering

We wrote a direct integration with the Adobe After Effects Render Farm client application to be able to perform on-the-fly, custom video rendering.

Payment Gateways

In order to offer a Premium service, both Paypal and Stripe Payment Gateways were implemented directly into the front-end web application.

Time-Saving Administration

To be able to create templates that were customisable through the front-end web interface by end-users, we had to create an administrative interface that allowed the Yovid team to create videos super-quick. A custom templating engine was developed to serve this requirement.