Delivering in E-Commerce.

We design, develop, migrate, integrate and take your online shop to market.

Magento, OpenCart and Bespoke Solutions that fit you.

There isn't a "one solution fits all" product on the market, Ecommerce is so complex that even great software such as Magento isn't always apppropriate.

Often, the best solution is a bespoke system built and tailored to exactly what you require. Our team have a vast experience in designing and developing bespoke ECommerce systems that have millions of visitors and turned over millions of pounds.

We will discuss with you to determine the best approach for your project requirements, and budget, whether that is a Magento, Open Cart, or bespoke solution.

Magento, Open Cart, and Bespoke Web Development

Accelerate your growth

Here at Cedita we have been working on and developing ecommerce websites for years. In that time we have learned and understand what it takes to engage your customers.

Combine that with our top development skills and you have a winning combination for a high performance, optimised website that will deliver.

Mobile Optimised

For the first time in 2015 more people are using mobiles and tablets to make purchases and visit websites rather than on their desktop or laptop computers, putting mCommerce at the forefront of digital proirities.

It is therefore imperative that your ecommerce website is accessible and optimised for mobile and tablet devices. At Cedita we take care of this for you making sure your mCommerce solution is able to adapt and perform no matter what the device or screen resolution to make sure that you make the most of your sales opportunities.

Cedita Servicing

Let your website grow and evolve with Cedita. Our team's industry experience and expertise lets us look at the bigger picture about your websites performance.

We take these key points seriously with all our Ecommerce solutions, but if you are just looking to improve the performance of your existing site, we can help here too.

Conversion Optimisation

Looking directly at why your visitors are converting (or not), we can see how the user experience of your website is working on the whole.

Search Engine Optimisation

Not the way it's been sold to you a 1000x before - we understand the systems behind the serach engines to offer real world improvements.

Ongoing Analytics and Analysis

Using tailored tools to capture all the data that we could possibly desire to be able to see thew hole picture about your websites performance.

Understanding different channels

Not everyone is seeing your website in exactly the same way, and being able to analyse the journeys of different platforms is key.

We have the pleasure of working with great brands

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