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A long time ago, in a city far far away...

Cedita has its roots in Kingston upon Hull all the way back to 2006.

Starting as a software development branch of a digital agency, Cedita was created to build upon an idea that is commonplace now, but was a brand new concept many years ago - Social & Connected Applications. It succeeded in its goal to create an advanced CRM combining a number of data sources into one, and allowing companies to communicate with their customers in new ways.

As a company delivering software to improve others' service - an immense amount of focus was placed on delivering our own great service. So much so that it formed a key part of our software delivery, no two releases were ever the same.

The same idea drove Cedita for many years until...


Cedita Branding 2006-2010 Original Branding


Cedita Branding 2011-2014 Revised Brand

We thrived off skilled development

In more recent years, our customers demanded more. We answered their requirements by offering broad spectrum development & creative services to our customers, not only letting them build on top of our existing software, but to be able to create their own. In 2013, we branched away from being a division of a parent company and were incorporated as our own standalone business for the first time.

With our team's experience and diversity we were able to offer services that exceeded every single one of our clients' expectations. This was not only in quality, but also in the way that we delivered our services.

As of 2014 we worked with a number of different partners to deliver our bespoke development & creative services in the best way possible. These partners would each have their own share of responsibility for delivering a certain service on our behalf.

Focusing on Digital Creativity

With our team stronger than ever towards the end of 2014, it was announced that in 2015 we would invest in expanding our service portfolio under our single brand of Cedita. This move was seen as a huge expansion of the Cedita brand, and it completes our move from a "software house with a bit extra" into a real "full service digital development agency".

For the first time, our focus was less on the delivery of software, and more on delivering a full service to our clients to enable them to create their own software, web sites and mobile applications.

The way we deliver our services hasn't changed though - we still have an overarching personal focus that makes our customers happier than ever.

Our long history of improving customer service for both ourselves and our customers means that we deliver far more than our services or a typical agency experience. We are different. We are not just another marketing agency - we are your digital business development partner of the future.

2015 Onwards

Cedita Branding 2015+ Latest, Modern Branding