The Cedita Portal

All of our Customer Service Innovations in one place.
Overview Distinction Portal Story

We designed and built a Customer Portal based on our customer's feedback and requirements, giving you full control over any projects, support cases, services or invoices that you have with us.

New customers are able to accept any proposals / quotes we give them online, streamlining the process from first call all the way through to project completion.

Project Management Visibility

Keep track of each and every project we have ongoing, big or small, with an overview of time spent, time left, and any deadlines that have been set.

Direct Contact & Support

You can open a support case and request a quote direct from your Account Manager once you're logged in, and receive absolute top priority.

Powerful Dashboard

As soon as you login, you get an overview of everything happening within your company. If there's anything outstanding, if your Retainer is about to go over budget, if your cases require any attention - it's all there.

Secure Access

Not everyone has to see everything - you may want people to be able to raise support cases, but not see your invoicing. Just let your Account Manager know who to setup, and who can see what, and we'll sort it out in no time.