What makes Cedita stand out from the crowd

We're not yet another digital marketing agency.
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"Our clients don't come to us for marketing sites that any other agency could deliver - they come to us with ideas. Ideas that they can trust us with to develop into something amazing for both their business and their target audience."

We get you

How many times in your life have you described what you want to someone and had it misunderstood?

Probably more times than you can remember. That's not the experience that we would ever want for our clients and quite simply it's not the one that we give them.

We actually take the time, however long that may be, to fully understand your core business and your proposed idea in full. Without that understanding, we wouldn't be confident that we could deliver what you want, and we wouldn't be able to even give you a quote.

A strong, defined focus

Whilst we definitely could, we don't advertise that we do everything.

Instead, we place a focus on our development skills as they are what make us stand out from the crowd. Everyone can hire a designer and make something look pretty - but not everyone can take that design, display it in less than 100ms to 1000s of users per second, make it sell 100s of products per second, scale it over a multiple servers in a high-availability cluster, and guarantee that even when things may be going a bit wrong internally it's still online.

Long story short we don't put lipstick on pigs. We instead focus on ensuring that it's the finest bacon you've ever had.

The right tools

Yes, that is the WordPress logo*.

We're veterans when it comes to development. We handcraft each and every one of our projects to ensure that they are fit-for-purpose and perform all the tasks that are required. Occassionally, someone has already solved part of a problem we're trying to solve, and we're not against using third-party tools where required (and possible).

With that said - we don't have a one-size-fits-all solution as it's simply not available. We would never sell you a solution based on a tool that requires a million modifications to even come close to your requirements.

* WordPress is often only the right tool if you want a blog or low-traffic content-managed site.

Is your web team trying to sell you on Wordpress?

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