White Label Development from Cedita

Our expert development teams (PHP, .NET) can take on your excess workload.

"Cedita's team continues to provide a high quality of work, within timescales and on budget. Their guidance and account management throughout the process has made everything easy"

Edward White, Key Accounts Manager at Rollins

"Cedita were nothing but supportive about my new startup and wanted to help in any way they could, I couldn't be more thankful to them"

Lucy Wright, Owner at Get Fresh
0161 7265 256 (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm)

White Label Development and Support Services

Others call it Outsourcing, we call it a partnership.

We help agencies all across Manchester and the United Kingdom to deliver on projects that they either can't deliver themselves for whatever reason. Whether you don't have the skillset, or don't have the capacity - we are here to help.

We deliver irrespective of language

Our Support Services are just that - we'll support you in whatever way you need.

Whether that's having us review plans from your developers to get a second opinion on the best way to approach a task, or if you have a client issue that you're not quite sure how to approach, we can help you out.

Our expert team has years of industry experience and can help you to deliver a solution regardless of the original task or issue at hand. This is not just a development outsourcing service, anyone can do that. Not everyone can do what we can for your business.